To Verify the real Identity of Users, Verification payment has been enabled. Please Verify by paying Verification Amount, so that everyone can be sure that you are Genuine and not Fake. Although it is not essential, butthose users whom we would suspect or other users would suspect to be fake or not genuine etc, we will enforce them to Verify, otherwise their accounts will be terminated.

     We at International Travelers have undertaken all possible steps to ensure that the identification of the users has remained concealed. However, for community sake, we also need to be satisfied regarding the identification of the user and that is why we have enabled the verification payment mode in which the verification is done by paying the verification amount. The authenticity of the user and the payment is verified through this process and this very successfully eliminates any possible scammers or frauds. In addition, we would like to inform all that, we also conduct other forms of verification if there is any doubt or inkling regarding the absolute legitimacy of all the users. In case of non-compliance on the part of the users to engage in the other means of verification, by the website, the user’s account is likely to be thereby terminated. These stringent measures have been taken to ensure that only those who are genuine and whose genuineness cannot be disputed are registered as our users. This is a very just way of ensuring that our website is used by the users whose credibility is above doubt.

Make your payment using your paypal account. Note that you need to pay in USD

Make your payment using your payumoney account. Here you can to pay in INR