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Web Page # 2 - Sitemap: The sitemap has been included in these pages to offer the visitor a shortcut to help the visitors find the page they are looking for. This sitemap is a ready reckoner for all the features that the website and is quite highly exhaustive and all –inclusive. Basically, the sitemap is like a map of the website and it reveals to the visitor, the various information that is made available within the pages of the website. This is because, we at International Travelers would like to ensure that the visitor at the site is served with all the information that they have come to seek regarding their travel plans. Though the sitemap is very long, it is not confusing as we have followed all the rules in designing this website and have avoided the use of more than two-tier listings for easy navigation. Moreover, our listings in the Sitemap begin with the important ones and the tail end of the list are the ones that are not viewed very frequently. So the visitors does not have to scroll down unnecessarily to search out a page that they might be looking for. The sitemap of is very user –friendly and highly comprehensive.