International Travelers is steadfast in their view that the privacy of their customers must be protected. Their personal information that shared with us stays with us and hence is never shared with anyone unless legal constraints compel. International travelers would like to assure their customers that we follow highly stringent measures to ensure that the privacy of the customers is upheld by the protection of their personal data and information. Though for business sake you may need to share some personal information like name, address, travel details, contact details and most importantly your card details for payment. None of these are ever shared with any other source.

We at International Travelers, are highly transparent in the kind of information we collect from you and all the procedures that involve payment to third party are monitored for security reasons. The credibility of the third party is confirmed well ahead and, before any financial operations are conducted. The financial operations are also protected and explained in detail in our privacy policy. We follow an ethical mode of operation and hence, we abide by the rules and standards set by us to uphold the security of the information shared by you with us.