The main objective of International Travelers is that we make sure that every member who registers become a part of our family. We provide all the facilities to ensure that the travel is made hassle-free and right from the top person in the company to those in the lower positions, are involved in ensuring the safety, comfort and enjoyment of the traveler. Any person who loves to travel and has done so, can come and join our community of travelers and share their experiences with others in the group. The people at International Travelers are so dedicated to the safety and comfort of the travelers irrespective of where they are from and whether they are just one individual, a couple, a family or a group. Each member is given the same treatment in terms of safety. Some of the other benefits of registering with us include traveling cheap and making travel affordable.

Joining our community is completely free of cost. However, having said that, we would also like to mention that any donation is welcome, as we offer a one stop solution to all the needs of the travelers and to cater to that, funds are definitely required. We respect your need for privacy and hence what you donate – big or small – is never revealed. However, we at International Travelers take the opportunity to thank you for your donation, which is a great help for us in extending our dedicated services towards the traveling community.

You can make your donation either by using PayPal, if you plan to pay in $US. If you would like to pay in INR, then you can use the facility of PayuMoney. We look forward to having a very good relationship that is based on sharing, giving and providing, whether it is information or donation.

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