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A Visit to Incredible India!

Traveling to India is like a travel around the world as it has all that the world can offer to Travelers! The mountains in the deep north, the Central Plains, the coastal South, the northern deserts and the Plateaus in the Deccan’s. The diversity is not just limited to the geography of the country, rather it encompasses the entire lifestyle and the societies that exist together yet within their own space.

India is fascinating and shocking, congenial and intolerable, amiable and disturbing all at the same time. It’s a country of extremes, with regard to its climate, its spiritualism, tolerance and above all the attitude of the people. The chaotic streets turn silent and serene within the temples, its overflowing educational institutions churn out stalwarts from universities, and the people live as if nothing bothers them, but are concerned about everything within the periphery of their existence. Yes, India is a beautiful amalgamation of everything that the world has to show, yet the country has retained its own flavor, its own individuality and a complete unabashed display of emotion that is limited to only family or friends. And when you have somebody like International Travelers Founder, Ajay, Co-Founder - Dawn Della Volpe take care of your travel and itinerary , it becomes a journey that not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy but also gives you the best experience that the country has to offer.

The Indian family is something that can be a role model to the world. I was completely taken aback by the respect and regard shown to the elders in the family by the young. At the same time I was shocked by the western influence that has overtaken the present generation of 15-25 year olds and yet who uphold the very values that the family has passed on through the generations. The joint family system was a completely new experience for me as I lived as a guest with a family where they had their grandparents, parents and even a widowed aunt living with them apart from my friend, his wife, children and his two unmarried brothers. The friend was arranged to be my host, so conveniently by International Travelers, who had arranged my travel to India and made it so memorable.

A word of appreciation for International Travelers, who took charge of my tours as well as arranged Accommodation for FREE with this Indian family.

I went back in time when as a kid I lived with my parents in England. By the age of 16 I started living on my own becoming a guest in my own house where I grew up. I wondered, if the children in the family ever wonder if they had the freedom to do as they wish when they are in their teens. Late night pubs, friends, and all the other things that the teens of England do. I wondered whether they felt shackled.

It was a completely new learning experience for me and though I could have lived in Alternative Hostels provided by International Travelers, I opted to live as a guest with an Indian family as Hosts, to experience Indian life first-hand. And boy! I’m so glad I did! Fortunately, my trip to India was hassle-free as International Travelers took on the responsibility of everything from hotels and flights bookings to all the local logistics like arranging local trips in Cars, Buses, and Trains and most importantly the visa to India!