About Us

     International Travelers is a community whose love for travel binds all the members in the community together and holds them united as a family. The community of International Travelers offers the fun and enjoyment of meeting new people, exploring new lands, and arriving at new destinations that the world has to offer.

The platform of International Travelers offers a perfect setting to connect with others in the community and discover people with the same interests, pursuits, and objectives. The platform is also a storehouse of information that is shared on its website by the members who provide information on the various events and happenings across the globe.

International Travelers has been founded by two members and we are:

Ajay Goel: Founder: Ajay is from Delhi, the Capital city of India and is involved in this project since 2015. Having started out from scratch, he has achieved a lot ever since the website started its operations, however, being very young, International Travelers has a long way to go and Ajay is confident of its growth to the levels envisaged by him and his co-founder Dawn Della Volpe

Dawn Della Volpe: Co-Founder: Dawn Della Volpe is the co-founder of International Travelers and she is an American based in Germany. She joined as the co-founder in 2016 and has a passion for travelling, as well as interacting with travelers. The community of travelers have been further encouraged with the interest that both the founder and the co-founder have in them.

Esther Lorenz: Co-Founder: Esther Lorenz is an International Traveler from Canada. She is traveling the entire world since last more than 100 days. She has been a great Couchsurfer too. She is now the new Co-Founder of International Travelers.

Dhruv Raj Goyal: The CEO of International Travelers has contributed in the smooth functioning of the company as well as offered guidance and advice on the management of the company.

With such an interest in travelers and forming of the traveling community, there is space for more co-founders to join along with them, which they hope will happen in the near future, as it is already in the pipeline.